Product Development

strategic focus:

  • Establish TNO’s role as industry leader in tourism product development.
  • Implement a strategic approach to bring high quality products and experiences to market through strong partnerships.
  • Generate industry research and monitor industry performance to continually improve products and experiences, and evaluate success of TNO programs.

According to Ontario’s Tourism Action Plan (2016), priority areas include developing tourism products & experiences and improving the quality of tourism data.  TNO already has strong roots in these activity areas, and will continue to fulfill related objectives in the next 3 years.

Tourism Northern Ontario’s product development pillar focuses on maintaining momentum for Northern Ontario’s “experience”shift by developing and enhancing “best bet” products and experiences identified in TNO’s product development strategy. These products and experiences each have a designated product team who guides the development and framework around the strategies that will eventually bring the experience to the next level of market-readiness.  The current products and experiences in development are as follows (please click on a product or experience to view its respective strategy):

Tourism Northern Ontario product development activities complement our workforce development and training strategies; the two often go hand-in-hand.

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